nostu 2022: ‘Nostalgia’ Gateway

To evoke nostalgia among Alumni, there was a plan to create illustrations of life around our MES College of Engineering Kuttippuram. These images were to be displayed at the nostu 2022 venue, Crowne Plaza Kochi. But the time and skill to create half a dozen illustrations were not on our side. Instead, we had another idea…

Word Cloud

We asked our Alumni friends to suggest words that celebrate their time at the college. And, they didn’t disappoint. Here is the word cloud image that was sent for printing.

nostu 2022 Word Cloud (initial version)

Depending on your time period at the college, some of the words will not make any sense for you!

The printout of this word cloud became a ‘Nostalgia’ Gateway at Crowne Plaza Kochi, welcoming our friends for nostu 2022.

nostu 2022 ‘Nostalgia’ Gateway at Crowne Plaza Kochi. Photo by Shiyas. Click on the image for a larger preview.

Suggest more words for our nostu word cloud by commenting below…

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